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7 steps to reduce the dreaded headache

Headaches are a common cause of pain and many can be prevented. Get back in control of your headaches and if these simple tips don’t work, it is definitely time to go and see a health professional such as an Osteopath.

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5 was to avoid the Post Christmas Belly!!!

Everyone loves the holiday season, the socialising and celebrating that the year is over, some well deserved down time and enjoying some of our favourite treats. It is easy to fall into the trap of over-indulgence, only to feel deflated and frustrated with our clothes feeling tight, waking up with a hangover or a few extra kg’s on the scales. Follow our simple steps to enjoy this years celebratory season.

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Why does my baby have a flat head?

Have you started to notice that your beautiful babies head is changing shape, or has a worried family or friend mentioned it to you? This is what commonly happens next…….

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