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Are you suddenly working from home? A Guide to the transition

A Guide to Working From Home

working from home, desk setup, transition from work to home

These are unprecedented times we’re living in! Due to the threat of covid-19 more people are working from home than ever before. It’s an introvert’s dream! It might be idyllic for some but believe it or not it poses it’s own disadvantages.



Already I’ve been seeing more patients with back and neck pain and the accompanying headaches. When they tell me they’re working from home I’ve learnt to ask, what’s your work set up like? I have to hold back a cringe when I’m told they are working from their couch or bed. This is a sure way to incur some aches and pains. The posture is sub optimal to say the least. It’s very tempting to retreat to your comfort zone given the current health crisis we’re facing. But you will thank me later if you avoid slouching on your laptop for hoursworking from home, desk setup, ergonomics are important on end.

Have a work station set up where you are sitting up straight or even standing at a high bench. Alternate between standing and sitting, save the lying down for when you are resting. Even in this image – the man should prop up his laptop on a box or phonebook to raise his line of sight and take pressure off his neck. He may need a keyboard and mouse to make this practical with a laptop.

Routine while Working From Home:

Lack of routine will affect your productivity. If this isn’t a good enough reason to keep one then imagine trying to get up early when you go back to work after all these sleep ins. Keep to a schedule for your breaks to avoid lengthy Netflix sessions. We all require quality sleep to keep our bodies healthy. This is important now more than ever. Don’t stay up until the wee hours with the intention of catching up on sleep in the morning.

calendar checklist to-do routine


walk dog, exercise, move your body, mental health, social distancing

Find time in your day for regular movement. You have the freedom to use your time how you see fit. Take your dog for a walk, ride your bike around the block. Watch your productivity flow. Stretch every hour and do the exercises provided by your osteopath on Physitrack!


Hydrate & Snack Healthy:

Keep a drink bottle at your work station. It’s easy to forget something as simple as drinking water when the world’s gone mad but keeping hydrated will help you to stay as healthy as possible. Something I learnt from my years and years of study is to fill your cupboard with healthy snacks. It’s likely you will eat more being at home, so have healthy alternatives on hand and avoid large quantities of chips and biscuits.

stay hydrated, decrease headaches, immune function

Device Use while Working from Home:

The ultimate distraction, you hear a ding. Is it your phone? Your ipad? Your laptop? You  turn off notifications for a while, decrease stress, quiet time check your notifications, read your messages, end up scrolling for much longer than expected. Here’s a tip: turn it all off for an hour at a time. Have a full hour with no notifications and tell me you didn’t get twice as much done.


Take Home Points:

  • Have an ergonomically friendly work station
  • Keep a routine for your breaks and sleep
  • Move as much as possible throughout the day
  • Stay hydrated and have healthy snacks on hand
  • Turn off your notifications and put your phone in device prison

Do you need some help with your home office setup? Do you need someone to talk to about the stressors of working from home? We are always here for you via phone 9736 9408 or you can book an appointment via our website.

What’s In Your Power

What is in your power to support your health and wellbeing for you and your family during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak?

Firstly, your mindset and recognising what is in your control or under your influence. Remaining focused on what you can do to take care of yourself at this challenging time will help you prepare mentally, emotionally and even physically. People under stress are more likely to make decisions that are out of character or can even put them or people they care about in harms way. This includes excessive stockpiling (you don’t need 6 months supply) of toilet paper, rice, hand sanitizer and pasta shortages.  There is enough food and other goods in the community if everyone can work together and help each other out.


Prue’s Mum has been in a COVID-19 isolation unit at Box Hill Hospital after showing symptoms of shortness of breath (despite no known contact with an infected person). She has received one negative test and is awaiting a second negative test before she is allowed out of isolation. This means I (Prue) have seen how frustrating it is for doctors trying to help patients cope. The more we can do to slow down the spread and decrease the strain on our hospital system, the better.

WHAT IS CLEAR… The virus will likely become widespread, as it appears to be very contagious.  However most people who contract it will experience low grade symptoms, similar to a cold. Many people will carry the infection and experience no obvious symptoms at all.

The main symptoms to be aware of are fever, coughing, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath.  Anyone who is unwell with any infection like symptoms is encouraged to call the Coronavirus Health Information Line 1800 020 080.

If you have serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, call 000 immediately.

People over age 60, especially with other chronic health conditions are at higher risk of life threatening illness due to the virus. Health professionals are also at an increased risk due to higher chance of multiple exposures. Children under the age of 10 appear to be experiencing lower rates of illness than other age groups, however may still transmit the virus without showing symptoms. Business as Usual In the Clinic We are still open, and are still holding appointments for anyone who is well and able to come. Some people are asking why we have chosen this path. At this time, the Australian Government would prefer allied health clinics to remain open.  This contributes to reducing pressure on emergency departments and GP clinics, for people to get ongoing support for their health concerns, in a timely and appropriate way. We always have our patients’ and staff wellbeing at heart. In addition to our usual hygeine practices, we have implemented:
  • Hand sanitizer located throughout the clinic. We ask that patients sanitize their hands as they enter the clinic.
  • Hand washing instructions located near hand basins. Please ensure you use soap and rub for at least 20 seconds.
  • As always, changing linen between appointments – and decreasing use of linen altogether where possible.
  • Washing treatment tables and disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as desks, chairs and door handles between appointments.
  • Increased cleaning of other high-touch surfaces such as reception computer, EFTPOS machine and front door throughout the day.
  • Increasing the temperature we are washing our linen with.
We ask that you please call us if you are feeling unwell in anyway, or you are caring for a person who is unwell, we may be able to offer a reschedule or:

In addition, we are introducing online Osteopathy consults.

In the next few days we will commence our offering of online consults via Physitrack with Clementine, Courtney and Elizabeth. These consults will allow you to check in with your practitioner, where they can perform a visual assessment and discuss your progress. They will be able to offer advice to assist you in continuing to move towards your health goals, as well as updating your exercise program. These consults will be offered at a discounted rate, as there is currently no private health rebate available from any fund for an online or ‘Tele-health’ consult. Hand Sanitizer We have sourced some 100% organic laboratory-tested hand sanitizer from Saba Organics. We have a limited quantity available for purchase at $9.95 each. It comes in unscented, lavender or Rose and Kakdu Plum varieties. We have more on order and expect them to arrive in the coming days. Useful General Advice HANDWASHING Soap and water is your best defence and lots of it. People often don’t wash their hands correctly, or are misguided regarding when their hands are clean. If you are touching a mobile phone, your hands are dirty. Have extra hand sanitizer on standby. This is useful for when handwashing is not a available or if you need to touch your face / after you have touched your face. STOP THE SPREAD Stay home if you have symptoms, this sounds obvious, but people go to work and school every day with cold and flu like symptoms, or other bugs such as gastro. MANAGE YOUR CURRENT HEALTH PROBLEMS CORRECTLY If you already have a medical condition, ensure you are following guidelines to keep yourself healthier. For example, if you are asthmatic, follow your asthma management plan as prescribed by your doctor. ADDRESS VITAMIN & MINERAL DEFICIENCY NOW If you have diagnosed anaemia, Vit D deficiency, low iodine etc. ensure you are taking steps to deal with this. Vitamin and mineral deficiency is very common in our community and generally can lower our bodies natural immune response.  Your body will thank-you for taking care of it. EXERCISE People who are regular exercises get sick less often than people who don’t. This is additionally important to help manage stress, while helping you feel a sense of doing something positive for your wellbeing and can provide a sense of achievement. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET THE AUSTRALIAN HEALTH RECOMMENDED AMOUNT OF EXERCISE, THIS WAS RECENTLY INCREASED TO 1 HOUR PER DAY, 5X PER WEEK. SLEEP If you don’t get enough sleep (adults 7-9 hours per night) this lowers your immunity and increases likelihood of getting sick with any bug going around. There are other long term health consequences too. WATER Stay hydrated. Getting ill increases our chances of becoming dehydrated.  This will complicate any potential care you may require. EAT YOUR VEG AND FRUIT Colourful foods contain different chemical compounds such as bioflavonoids and antioxidants, which help our bodies defense systems. Currently it is a great opportunity to eat fresh, as canned and frozen are significantly more difficult to get. EAT HERBS Many fresh herbs (basil, parsley) contain additional natural anti-viral properties, while I don’t know of any that target Coronavirus specifically, it won’t do you any harm, may be useful and will make your food extra tasty. HAVE SOME NATURAL ANTIVIRALS on standby if you wish. There is no need to panic-buy and you may already have some in the cupboard. Zinc supplements can shorten the duration of a cold and may be helpful with other viruses. Manuka honey also contains many natural antibacterial and anti viral properties. Saline – can be helpful to gargle, clean infected eyes etc. There are many more options available, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. AS ANY ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS ARE GOING TO TAKE LONGER TO ARRIVE, WE CAN SET UP AN ONLINE DIRECT ACCOUNT WITH BIOCEUTICALS FOR ANYONE THAT WOULD LIKE ONE FOR YOU.  This means you can get your practitioner quality and rigorously tested supplements straight to your door direct from the supplier, which is generally not open to the public. Email me anytime with your request, and we will do our best to set this feature up for you quickly. In support and wishing you good health,

Headache Action Plan

It is time to take action on your headaches and make a plan.

You can use this to take to your GP or bring to your Osteopathy appointment.

Make a record and a start today.

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