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Sore Post-Treatment: Why can I get sore after osteopathy or massage treatment?

You may experience some post-treatment soreness. We understand that can be the last thing you want to hear!
The assessment process can provoke pain in some instances. However this helps your practitioner to ascertain what the root cause of your problem is.
Above all, reproducing your pain means we have found the sore spot.
Learn what to do about it here.

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Is loneliness the new smoking?

We understand that it is difficult for people to reach out and talk about being lonely.

Researchers are discovering that loneliness may be as bad for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day and more harmful than obesity.

Isn’t that incredible! And frightening.

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Avoid Coughs and Colds This Winter

We understand it can be difficult to get great information about avoiding getting coughs and colds during Winter.  It is important we reduce the spread on inaccurate information and bust the myths about getting ill.  Want to prevent the transmission of influenza and other viruses this season, learn some useful tips from our experienced Osteopaths to naturally prevent getting sick.

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Medicare Rebates: Does Medicare fund Osteopathy treatment?

If you have spent any time on our website, you will know how passionate we are about Osteopathy.  Great news, Medicare does fund osteopathic treatment in some circumstances

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