Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth appointments or online appointments are available when you are not able to see your Osteopath face to face.

We understand that people can be unsure as to what can happen in an online environment and how we could help if the appointment is online.

Our experience and that of many of our patients is that a lot of care, support, and improvement (results) can occur using an online platform.

We have heard from people who have had bad experiences with other medical or health care services, so we wanted to take this opportunity to explain in more detail how it works.

What to expect

In a virtual appointment, we will see you face to face, not over the phone. 

We use a video conferencing program in order to securely and confidentially run your consultation.

Just like when you attend an in-clinic appointment at Koru, we will take the time to listen to what is happening for you and ask you detailed questions regarding your health concerns.

Once we have all the information, we will perform an assessment with you.  This may involve doing some specific movements, or modified special tests which help to determine what is happening for you (a diagnosis).

In some cases, we may write you a referral for further investigation, such as getting a scan or do some online treatment with you.

This may include a combination of movements, breathing, muscular activations, and relaxation techniques, telling you how to implement self-treatment techniques (with or without devices) or with the support of a family member.

We can then give you further information, advice, and support which will help you to self-care at home.

If for any reason, we perform an assessment and feel you require urgent assessment or assistance, we can recommend that you come into the clinic for further evaluation or treatment.

Information regarding the online appointment 

We have the option to use two different online programs to deliver your telehealth consultation. This allows us some flexibility if one program is experiencing delays, we can easily and quickly switch to an alternative.

Our first online consultation will be with Cliniko, our patient management software.

All you have to do to join a Cliniko consult is click this link Join appointment. It will open within your browser on PC, Mac, ios and android devices. This link will also be sent to you in a reminder email.

Follow-up sessions, or as a backup to when Cliniko is running slowly, we will use Zoom. We have more information on how to use zoom here.

Technology requirements

You do not need to download anything to use Cliniko.

If required, you can download the zoom app here.

If required, please download PhysiApp from the

App Store or Google Play. You’ll need this to receive your exercise program, which your practitioner will want to discuss with you. If you cannot access this, your practitioner can email you program to you.

How do I attend my appointment?

At the time of your appointment, click on the link we sent you and it will take you straight to your virtual consultation room.

If you are having trouble, please don’t stress, your practitioner will call you on your phone if you aren’t able to join the consult.

Online Payment (after your consult)

We will arrange a direct bank transfer with you to our Koru account.

Can I use my private health insurance?

At this stage, rarely. Unfortunately only a couple of the private health insurance companies are covering online consultations.  Please speak to your insurer to determine your eligibility. We will be sure to let you know if this changes in the future.

I have a Chronic Disease Management Plan, can I use this?

Yes, you are able to be seen using your chronic disease management plan and your appointment will be bulk billed to Medicare, with no out-of-pocket charge.

I am a TAC / Workcover patient, can I have an online appointment?

In most cases, you are able to continue on with your care plan with TAC and or Workcover with an online appointment, as they recognise the benefits of patients continuing their care.

Further information

  • Please wear loose-fitting clothes, allowing your therapist to view the affected body area. Consider wearing shorts or a singlet top.
  • We expect our appointments to be on time. If we do experience delays that could impact on your appointment time, we will endeavour to contact you.
  • If you are unable to make it to your appointment on the scheduled day or at the allocated time, we ask that you provide 24 hours notice so that we can arrange to serve the health of others. If you are unable to do this, you will be asked to pay the late notice fee (and we don’t want to do that to you!)
  • If you are unable to attend your appointment, please CALL US on 9736 9408 to reschedule. We are here to help you feel better again!