Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Our local massage therapists from Lilydale and surrounds have continued further education in pregnancy and relaxation massage and are insured to treat pregnant women. Many other local clinics have no additional pregnancy training and in some instance, no massage training at all.

Massage can be performed side-lying or on our pregnancy pillow

We have a pregnancy pillow which allows pregnant women to lay on their stomach even in late pregnancy.  Please indicate if you are comfortable to do so. This can be of huge relief for many women, taking significant pressure off the lower back and anterior pelvic structures.

Research suggests massage therapy performed during pregnancy can decrease tension associated with anxiety, relieve muscular aches and joint pain and may assist with labour outcomes and newborn health.

Relieve aches and pains

Treatment may assist many common ailments such as muscular tension, pain and numbness, and tingling.  These are associated with skeletal and blood flow changes bought on by hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy. Additionally, it can be used to reduce swelling and improve discomfort due to nerve pain, while improving sleep quality.

Many of our clients utilise a combination of care throughout.   With the support of our Osteopaths and massage therapists, you will feel well taken care of during this special time.

Health Considerations

There is no research evidence to suggest that massage treatment or manual therapy can stimulate or cause miscarriage. However if you have any concerns, you are welcome to wait until 12 weeks to have an appointment.

Women with the following conditions should speak with their health care provider (doctor or obstetrician).  Alternatively you can speak to one of our Osteopaths prior to pregnancy massage:

  1. High risk pregnancy.
  2. Elevated blood pressure.
  3. Pre-eclampsia (a disorder characterised by high blood pressure with elevated protein in the urine).
  4. Previous early labour.
  5. Experiencing severe swelling.
  6. Sudden severe onset headache.
  7. Recently gave birth.

Any woman who has experienced preterm contractions or consistent Braxton-Hicks contractions should alert our massage therapists. We can tailor the treatment to avoid stimulating specific pressure points.

If you are from Lilydale or Yarra Ranges, please contact us at any time should you have any questions regarding therapeutic and relaxing pregnancy massage treatment.