Osteopathic Care for Babies

Infants can be treated by Osteopaths

baby care

Half of our new patients seeking osteopathy at our clinic are babies and children.

A developing baby can be influenced by pressure within the uterus or descent into the pelvis.  Difficult or long labour along with birth trauma may also lead to stress and strain.  This may lead onto some of the issues outlined below.

Common concerns we regularly see in the clinic include:

  • Baby only turns head one way.
  • A stiff baby.
  • Parents concerned about their babies head shape.
  • Mum and baby experiencing feeding difficulties (in cases of jaw, neck or tongue restriction).
  • Babies and young children developmental milestone concerns.
  • Chronic illness or difficulties with growth, posture, or movement.
  • Babies needing assistance after birth.
Our aim is to help your baby grow and develop into a healthy child and ultimately a healthy adult.

Initial Consultation

Our team takes a comprehensive case history. This will include information regarding the parents health, pregnancy, delivery and birth information.

Following on we will discuss the current health of your child.  As infants are unable to tell us what is wrong, it is therefore helpful to get as much information as possible.

The detail of case history taking can be surprising for some parents.  Above all this helps us make informed decisions regarding assessment of your child.

Following assessment, we will discuss what’s wrong, what you can do, and what to do from here.  Treatment where appropriate will commence following on from the previous steps.

Ongoing Education

Osteopaths have an ongoing interest in research in this field of practice.  Therefore our clinic would like contribute to research projects in the future.

Additionally, we provide mentoring to osteopathic students.  We wish to support and enhance the quality of graduating practitioners.   Student exposure to children within the training program is currently minimal, hence we wish to bridge the gap.

All-new baby patients are encouraged to see Dr. Prue Eddie, Osteopath.  Thereafter osteopathic treatment is available with all our practitioners within the practice.

In 2015, Prue attended a conference run by the Osteopathic Centre for Children OCC in the UK.  We have an ongoing commitment to education and furthering our skills in the treatment of all infants and children.  Expect our team to be away from time to time to participate in ongoing learning.

Current Guidelines

We would like to reassure parents we are up to date with the current practice statements and guidelines.  For that reason, no practitioners will perform spinal manipulation (cracking) on babies or children under the age of 12 at Koru under any circumstances.   Please contact us at any time regarding osteopathy for babies.  In addition, we are available and treat postnatal women.