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We love to provide you with empowering self help and natural health therapies tips and information, so you can live your best life. We regularly update our page with great information on various health and wellness topics. This most importantly includes implementable practical tips for dealing with pain and problem solving. In addition we provide helpful advice such as goal setting and planning for success to support you to put your best foot forward!

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Unlike many natural health and wellness blogs, our site is written and reviewed by Australian registered health professionals.

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We don’t want you to just read our blog, we want to support you to take action, improve your life and experience the benefit of simple to follow steps including natural therapies into every day living. Commit to a better you- starting today!

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Our practitioners are available for personal one on one consultations. In addition our team can present at social and sports clubs and provide tailored resources just for you. Get in touch if you would like to talk further about this! We welcome your comments and interaction on our Natural Health Therapies Blog.

Low Back and Hip Exercise

Want to get some low back and hip mobility and exercise, but not sure where to start?

Get moving with Osteopath, Dr. Prue Eddie and she will carefully take you through the movements.

As always, listen to your own body.  There is no need to rush or push your body in a way that feels insecure, unstable, or unsafe.

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The Daily Grind – Time To Get A Grip

Taking time to rest and recover can be difficult, as we begin to focus more on our daily grind. It can feel as if we wake up, slave away the day, and go straight back to sleep. Often, we find it hard to make time for ourselves, our busy lives mean we frequently prioritize different tasks that may seem more important than our health.

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Holiday Message

We made it to the end of 2020. Can you believe it? How did the end of you sneak up on us like that? When so much of the year seems to be going so incredibly slowly? Wow. Taking us back to the start of the year, when so many things were so different recently, we had the Bush fire situation and we were, We put the call out to the Koru community about what we could do.

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