Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the movement of fluid around the body.  It uses a rhythmical flowing and gentle massage approach. This style is commonly used in the condition of lymphoedema.  We welcome people from the Yarra Valley and surrounding regions to come in for an appointment.

Treatment enhances the removal of toxins and waste from a sluggish lymphatic system.  This can be an issue for people with a history of surgery, such as lymph node removal.

Sports people and athletes may benefit.  Anyone with localised swelling associated following injury, or other broader inflammatory complaints may see an improvement of their complaint.

Causes and types of Lymphoedema

This may be due to cancer treatment, such as breast removal (mastectomy) leading to secondary lymphoedema. The swelling does not always start immediately following radiation or surgical treatment.   It can develop days, weeks, months, or even years after this treatment has taken place. This may occur following types of cancer removal surgery, such as melanoma, colon, prostate, or bladder cancer.  The condition may develop following trauma or infection.

The condition can also be present from birth (primary lymphoedema) or may develop at any time during the course of life, usually affecting the arms and legs. The underlying causes are not completely understood by scientists.

What to expect

An appointment usually starts with a light massage over the affected area.  This is followed by specific rubbing, strokes, taps, or pushes to the skin. These strokes are in the direction that the fluid naturally flows, to enhance movement towards the heart.

Sessions typically last 45-60 minutes, however, one limb could be treated within a 30-minute appointment (not recommended). Research has suggested that in cases of lymphedema, it is better to have the treatment performed once per day for 4-5 days for two weeks. The first week of treatment reduces the swelling, while the second week has a stabilizing effect.

When should this treatment be postponed?

  1.  Sudden increase in swelling without a known cause. Your doctor or other health care professional such as an Osteopath can assess.
  2. In the event of a sudden onset of lymphangitis, this in an infection and needs to clear prior to you having this treatment.
  3. Patients with congestive heart failure.  This is a specific condition that is diagnosed by a doctor.
  4. When pain is present, postpone treatment, get seen by a health professional, and wait until the discomfort subsides.

In addition to treatment, we encourage you to perform self massage at home, under our clear instruction to help you get a great result. This may be used in conjunction with special light exercises, compression garments such as sleeves or stockings.  We look forward to assisting you with lymphoedema and other inflammatory conditions with lymphatic drainage massage in the beautiful Yarra Valley.