Other Services

Other Services

We offer numerous other services in conjunction with our Osteopathy and Massage appointments.

Dry Needling is a technique of releasing myofascial trigger points with fine needles that work locally and directly. This approach has been in use for centuries to relieve tension of overworked muscles and improve tissue quality.  Incorporate this modality into Osteopathy or Massage appointments if you wish, just speak to our team.

Posture Control Insoles  is a next generation ultra thin insole correcting foot and body mechanics. Instead of restricting foot motion, as in many hard or semi rigid orthotics, they can help to strengthen the foot. This in turn can help improve posture over time.

Cupping involves placing cups on the skin to create suction, facilitate fluid flow and reduces swelling, tension and pain. It may be used in conjunction with remedial massage to increase relaxation and support well-being.

Sports Taping may be provided during an osteopathic or massage consultation.  Alternatively we can book you in for a short appointment prior to a competition or other sports event.

Please make yourself familiar with what we can offer you to assist you back to health. We are available anytime to chat, ask questions and determine the best plan forward for you.