Osteopathy for Seniors

Osteopathy for Seniors

Our team of Osteopaths are dedicated to helping seniors stay active, healthy, independent and improve their overall health and feeling wellbeing. Focusing on injury and falls prevention, balance exercises are key to maintaining stability and security while on your feet.

Keeping mobile is key to feeling young and feeling fabulous. We encourage you to maintain regular physical activity, including being involved in local sports groups and hobbies such as gardening and walking. Movement is a primary function of the body.

If you lose your ability to move freely, this will significantly impact your ability to perform basic daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning and generally taking care of yourself and those around you.

As we get older, our body loses elasticity and our natural body repairing ability begins to slow down. Day to day tasks that have previously been fine can start to take their toll, with normal wear and tear developing and increasing likelihood of injuring soft tissue and bony structures.

The effects of ageing can lead to:

Poor balance
Joint stiffness
Back and neck pain
Hip and knee discomfort
Arthritis and joint swelling
Pain in hands and feet
Sluggish circulation and fluid retention

While no one can reverse the ageing process, your Osteopath can work with you to assist in muscular relaxation, joint flexibility and tenderness, improve postural balance and falls prevention, and support healthy blood flow.

Our Osteopaths also offer lifestyle advice, exercises to address balance, strength and flexibility as well as injury prevention guidance targeted for seniors. We look forward to seeing you soon at Koru.