Osteopathy for Sitting Office Workers

Osteopathy for Sitting Office Workers

Are you suffering from desk disease?

Do you work all day at a desk? Are you an office worker, administrator, accountant, manager, or lawyer? The dangers of sitting have been increasingly reported in the media and it is now suggested by some researchers that sitting is the new smoking. While this sounds extreme, let us explain this in more detail before you pass judgment and how Osteopathy may be able to benefit your aches and back pain.

The effects on health are effectively due to long periods of inactivity and when you combine this with static or poor posture, elevated stress levels, artificial lighting, and poor air quality (air quality is often poorer inside than out and consider how your air conditioner and lack of natural airflow can brew disease), then it is easy to see how office workers are increasingly suffering from deteriorating health.

More than ever, chronic diseases are on the rise in our community and are associated with our modern living conditions.

Lifestyle Diseases

In fact, our sedentary lifestyle in conjunction with our environment is contributing to the rapid rise of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity as well as muscular and joint complaints.

This is clearly important information for organizations and workplaces looking to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. While there has been an increase in the use of standing workstations, this alone has not provided a meaningful improvement to worker’s health, as sedentary long-term standing is just as detrimental. Encouraging and participating in increased movement is the only way to ensure meaningful change.

Why Osteopathy

So how can your local Osteopath help you to get your health on track and your body feeling great? Osteopaths work with you one on one to identify the underlying issues that are leading you to your current complaint and formulate a plan to get you moving and breathing more efficiently, using manual therapy techniques to reduce your aches and pains. Our practitioners may give you postural and ergonomic advice and effective exercises to help maintain long term improvement

Our Osteopath has a special interest in office worker complaints, such as repetitive strain injuries, neck, and shoulder tension as well as neck ache and back pain associated with sitting. Come and experience Osteopathy for yourself.