Posture Control Insoles

Posture Control Insoles
posture control helps you exercise better with less harm to your body- get custom insoles made

Posture control insoles (PCI’s), also known as Prokinetic insoles use cutting edge kinetic technology.  They provide a stimulus to realign the posture and improve your whole body position, dynamic movement, and performance.

Worn within your shoes, they stimulate your foot, activating and strengthening muscles of the arch as well as postural muscles. Furthermore, they are balancing muscular tension in the foot and leg. This in turn results in a positive biomechanical response and neural influence up the body including the spine. They are a non-invasive, small wedge mold built into the insole, sitting under the big toe. This creates a stimulus for the balance sensors in the base of your foot.   Messages are sent to your brain via the nerve pathways to support balance and body positioning in space.  Regardless of if you stand, run, or walk when on your feet, they will be doing their job.

The insoles can assist in reducing back and joint pain from the hip, knee, and pelvis.  As the spine is stacked above these, the shoulder and neck, and upper limb may be accommodating for what is happening below. To give this context, if you think about it, they can help you achieve improved body balance in an easy and comfortable way.

Compare traditional orthotics with Posture Control Insoles

These insoles are a next-generation foot device.  Traditional rigid orthotics primarily aim to passively prop the inner arch of the foot. Orthotics are often very expensive, time-consuming to build, assess and fit.  Many people complain they are bulky and or uncomfortable to wear.

The insoles we provide appear very simple but don’t let this deceive you.  You will need an assessment, fitting and appropriate advice to ensure you get the right ones for you. Practitioners must receive training in order to prescribe them. Prue Eddie will provide you with a consultation to determine if they are right for you.

Look forward to feeling more relaxed, improvement in your discomfort and getting back to all your favourite activities.

Money Back Guarantee

This product comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. However we find the compliance and experience with the device is high and that they don’t get returned. Join 100,000 + people that enjoy the benefits of posture control insoles.