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Anxiety: Practical solutions to a very impractical situation

Living through a global pandemic brings with it a whole plethora of difficulties and the need for adaptation.

If you didn’t have anxiety before COVID-19 then chances are you might be experiencing it for the first time.

So what exactly is anxiety and is it something that we have any control over?

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What is your self care mindset

Interesting concept, isn’t it?

We often think about mindset as either being a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.

I’m going to ask you to ask yourself, “when was the last time I did something to self care?”

But more importantly,

“How do I self care?”

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How your relationships are key to healthy balance

What are the most important relationships in your life? Are you happy in those relationships? What about your relationship with yourself?
Relationships are an integral part of our lives and vitally important to finding a healthy balance within those lives.

Let’s use the 3 C’s of relationships to improve our connections with others and with ourselves.

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