Osteopathy for Headache and Migraine sufferers

Osteopathy for Headache and Migraine sufferers

Living with headache or migraine?

Our Osteopaths regularly assess, diagnose and treat people experiencing headache and migraine.  Living with these conditions can be exhausting and tough and often people think they have to live with them forever. If you are concerned about how much pain relief medication you are taking to control them, it may be time to consider something new, such as Osteopathy.

Osteopaths use a hands-on therapeutic approach, commonly used to alleviate the pain and stress associated with numerous types of headache and migraine.
A headache originating from a neck complaint or from increased tension are the most common type of headache.

The osteopath may assist with cervicogenic (neck), tension headaches and migraine. Treatment aims to improve the quality of movement in the neck, reduce muscular tension, decrease pain, optimise blood flow and reduce irritation of nerves.

Lifestyle considerations

Our osteopaths have experience treating people suffering with headache and regularly provide advice on posture, exercises, dietary factors and stress management support that may be of assistance. By reducing the frequency and severity of pain, less pain relief should be required over time.

You may wonder why you should see an Osteopath rather than another health care provider.

treat headaches and migraines with osteopathy

Treat the cause, not the symptoms

Osteopaths use non invasive, drug free treatment, aiming to improve physical health and wellbeing, going beyond the symptoms to get to the cause of what’s happening for you. We don’t apply a one size fits all method to treating complaints, paying attention to the complex interrelationship between the body’s structure and the way its functioning. The aim is to restore the body’s self repairing process and use techniques to influence joints, muscles, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs, it is a big picture approach.

Investigation and Referral

The are more serious causes of headache and having them assessed and the cause diagnosed by a qualified health practitioner is important. Osteopaths are university trained, registered primary health care practitioners, able to differentiate between common causes and serious medical concerns.

We may work in conjunction with or refer to other health care practitioners such as a GP, optometrist or acupuncturist to provide optimal care.

Dr Jaci Hartley and Dr Josie Chambers (Osteopaths) both have a special interest in headache and migraine and are available for appointments Monday – Saturday.