Sports Taping

Sports Taping

Sports taping involves applying rigid or kinesio-tape directly to the skin in order to support or stabilise bones, muscles or ligaments or to enhance fluid drainage, proprioception (balance) and a feeling of security.

It can be used in injury prevention, with the tape being applied prior to an event, or alternatively can be used in injury management as a responsive manner following an injury. Compression and reduced movement are common reasons to apply rigid taping. Taping along the nerve pathway of an inflamed or irritated tissue can shorten the region and assist in pain reduction.

This can be useful in order to reduce discomfort and aid recovery, especially from overuse injuries or sprains and strains.

In some circumstances, taping can be used to secure a splint, secure dressing or bandages and protect from further aggravation or re-injury.

Advantages of having a professional providing you with sports taping services

  • Varied and best taping approaches for various injuries or regions of the body
  • Experience
  • Proper skin preparation
  • Correct position of the body to be taped
  • We understand the body mechanics and can restrict the correct areas
  • Avoid issues associated with incorrect application such as blistering

If you would like to know more about Osteopathy for sports injuries or sports massage, please get in touch.