Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

Feel calm and centred

Nurture and nourish yourself, with a long flowing therapeutic relaxation massage, relieving pain and reducing stress. A beautiful way to enhance your sense of calm and promote an internal sense of wellbeing.

Improve your sense of health and wellbeing

This long flowing and rhythmic massage style will melt your tensions away, you will walk out with a warm relaxed glow, feeling light and soothed. Relaxation massage is a wonderful remedy for elevated stress, anxiety, or insomnia, however, we find it is many people’s favorite massage style for regular self-care.

In addition it can improve concentration and assist productivity. You may notice improvement to your skin tone and appearance and some people report improved flexibility after a session.

Using a variety of approaches, a full body relaxation massage mostly consists of long soft strokes towards the direction of the heart, enhancing circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Treatment can be pain free

Your therapist will aim to relax, revive and rejuvenate you, using massage approaches and depth that does not cause discomfort. If you would like your practitioner to target a few sore spots or trigger points while you are there, this is encouraged. This may include kneading, trigger point therapy, other manoeuvres such as chopping to tackle those pesky knots in your neck and back.

Health benefits

Relaxation massage, while reducing physical and emotional stress, may also temporarily lower blood pressure and support the body when struggling with stress-related afflictions, to enhance immunity. You may notice a general lift in your mood, this is due to the release of happy chemicals into your bloodstream, namely serotonin, and dopamine.

Communication is key

Our team may have magic hands but are not mind readers, please communicate clearly what feels right for you and we will happily work with you to give you the desired treatment approach.

Once you experienced a full body relaxation massage at Koru Natural Therapies, you will understand why we have a reputation for offering the best service for ultimate self-care. Feel detoxified, clear in the mind, relaxed in your body, and an open heart and soul.

Qualified and experienced practitioners

Relaxation massage at our clinic is always performed by our qualified and accredited massage therapists. Did you know anyone can just set up as a massage therapist, but you will notice the difference after you come in and have a session with us.

Your health is important to us

Health and safety: We encourage you to avoid massage when you are currently unwell with infection or fever. Wait until your health to return to normal prior to relieving muscular tension and pain with therapeutic relaxation massage treatment.