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  • Jaci Hartley
  • Rachimah Fraval Wilton
  • Courtney Maxwell
  • Prue Eddie
  • Cindy-Lee Waite

Dr. Jaci Hartley

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Jaci completed a 5 year double degree in Osteopathy graduating from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science / Bachelor of Applied Science.

She has had 8 years of hands on experience as a Remedial Massage Therapist, graduating in 2011 from Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy.

Jaci’s interest in Osteopathy was sparked when she had complications after dental work and a whiplash injury, leaving her with lost of jaw pain and headaches. She found she had the best results from osteopathic treatment and was inspired to learn more and help others. She has a special interest in jaw complaints and all types of headache.

Having grown up in the area, Jaci has worked with local sports teams applying her skills in both Osteopathy and Remedial Massage. She acquired the position of Head of Injury Management for both the Senior and Reserve players for a local football team.

For several years, Jaci was Lead Anatomy demonstrator at RMIT University. She has had the privilege to work behind the scenes in the Anatomy Labs, which she enjoyed thoroughly as she believes education is imperative and has great ambitions to keep all ages educated about health.

In our clinic Jaci works holistically to achieve long lasting outcomes for her patients. She incorporates both a structural and indirect approach towards injuries including exercise rehabilitation. She love to help with cranial issues and support healthy pregnancy. In the future, she would like to expand into the treatment of young children.

When Jaci isn’t studying or working, she loves to get outdoors and you will regularly find her enjoying the beach and bush down the Mornington Peninsula. She is a passionate yogi and meditator. Her lates ambition is to one day be able to ride her bicycle to work (no small feat!)

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Dr. Rachimah Fraval Wilton


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Rachimah completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Complimentary Medicine (Osteopathy) and a Masters in Osteopathy at RMIT University. Additionally, she has over 10 years’ experience working as a masseuse prior to becoming an Osteopath.

Rachimah has completed a number of post-graduate courses in Cranial Osteopathy and enjoyed sharing her osteopathic knowledge when she was employed as an assistant lecturer at RMIT for osteopathic palpation.

She provides a holistic approach, playing an active role in patient education to assist with managing pain and injuries, combining osteopathic treatment with exercises and dietary advice. Rachimah enjoys treating a wide variety of complaints using a combination of cranial and structural techniques, as well as looking into postural and ergonomic factors. This is further assisted by her knowledge of Postural Control Insoles, which allows her to prescribe a foot insert designed to improve not only foot function but to address postural complaints and musculoskeletal pain. She works to find the source of problem so that a course of treatment can be devised to prevent reoccurrence as well relieving presenting symptoms.

Rachimah has developed a special interest in treating people with digestive problems, menstrual cycle issues, musculoskeletal pain and pregnancy discomfort. Her gentle approach is suitable for all ages and injuries with a focus on restoring optimal health and well-being.

Rachimah is dedicated to using an integrated approach, working with her patients’ consultants, obstetricians and GPs to enable patients to have the best all round care. She believes that the human body has a huge natural potential for healing, which can be supported with osteopathic treatment.

Rachimah is a member of Osteopathy Australia. When not treating patients or completing further study in the science of osteopathy, Rachimah enjoys spending time bush walking in the Dandenong ranges, rock climbing, camping, catching up with friends and family, and the exciting journey of motherhood.

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Dr. Courtney Maxwell

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Dr Courtney Maxwell, Osteopath is from the Snowy Mountains in NSW, where she grew up participating in competitive snowsports, as well as horse-riding and rowing. A series of shoulder injuries while snowboarding led Courtney to see an Osteopath, which ignited her interest in Osteopathy. Courtney moved to Melbourne and studied a Diploma of Remedial Massage, before completing a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University. She is registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and a member of Osteopathy Australia (OA).

Courtney completed a year-long internship at Aim Osteopathy, where she worked alongside skilled practitioners treating babies, children and women during and after pregnancy, a special interest she looks forward to continuing at Koru.

Courtney also has a special interest in treating unusual headaches, working alongside health professionals to provide a safe and wholistic treatment approach. She has completed several courses in cranial osteopathy and uses structural and indirect techniques in combination with lifestyle and exercise advice to obtain the optimal treatment outcomes.

Outside of the clinic, Courtney enjoys reading, cooking and baking, taking dance classes, snowboarding and travelling to see her family in the mountains and Sydney.

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Dr. Prue Eddie


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Prue has currently had a change of schedule. If you would like to make an appointment, please call the clinic to make a time.

I feel lucky to wake up every day and get to work with people to explore what health and wellbeing means to them. This is achieved via dividing my time between working in private practice and mentoring our team. In addition, I teach on a number of post-graduate osteopathic training programs, sharing this experience with osteopathic students and qualified Osteopaths alike.

In addition in 2018, I have travelled around Australia presenting a workshop on treating postnatal women to various health professionals. This is a passion of mine, as postnatal women often receive underwhelming care, as there is an increased emphasis on their baby.

My undergraduate training and Masters project was completed at RMIT University in 2007. With an ongoing commitment to further osteopathic education, I undertook further study completing a Graduate Certificate in Neonatal and Paediatric Manual Therapy at Victoria University in 2012. Mentoring osteopathic students to prepare for clinical practice is an important part of professional and clinic life, it motivates and challenges me to continually reflect on my skills and better myself and inspire those around me.

From 2011-2018, I have been fortunate to be the Australian Course Co-ordinator for the Australian Research College of Osteopathic Medicine (ARCOM, who run training for registered Osteopaths. Additionally, I’m a faculty and Board Member for the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation of Australia and New Zealand. As a professional member of Osteopathy Australia and the Australian Breastfeeding Association, I undertake regular ongoing education and maintain national registration with the Osteopathy Board of Australia.

Following graduation I moved to New Zealand and was mentored by a highly experienced team of Internationally recognised Osteopaths. Following returning to Melbourne in 2010 and marrying my husband Michael, I now feel at home in the Yarra Valley and love being at Koru. In my downtime, I enjoy spending time with my 2 dogs Falko and Saffy, hiking, scuba diving, travelling and practising my German language skills.

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Cindy-Lee Waite

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Cindy is a fully accredited Hypnotherapist and NLP Consultant.

She has been practising Hypnotherapy and NLP since 2012, embarking on training after being inspired during her first year of studying psychology.

Cindy completed a Certificate IV in Clinical Hypnotherapy (2012), followed by the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (2013).

On completing, the training academy launched the world first accredited training for Clinical Hypnotherapy for Conception and Childbirth. Having a special interest in this area of practice, she decided to specialise in this area, completing the one year program in 2014 with 5 other women. They were the first in the world to complete the newly developed Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy for conception and childbirth.

With the aim of further improvement and development, she undertook a Graduate Certificate in Neuro Linguisitic Programming. In 2015 she trained in the Billings method, a natural fertility and contraceptive method as well as obtaining a Certificate in Risk Assessment of Family Violence. In addition she has undertaken an Advance Transpersonal Art Therapy certificate. She incorporates strategies from Art Therapy into some sessions.

Cindy demonstrates strong values around helping others, compassion, empathy, consideration, respect, loyalty and ethics. She ensures trust is built with the client. Cindy is passionate about helping others to achieve change. These values are important when undertaking her role in the field of Hypnotherapy and NLP.

Committed to ongoing education and development, she is currently in third year of a Bachelor of Science (Psychology).

Cindy is a therapist that has walked the shoes of many different paths. She believes this assists in an ability to show a higher understanding towards those who seek her assistance. Having experienced childbirth, relationship breakdowns, workplace bullying, depression, anxiety, fears, domestic violence, divorce, separation, grief, weight issues, she has been able to address these areas within her own life.

As a high performer, she has achieved an Australian record in Ten Pin bowling. She was the first female umpire in the Eastern District Football. In addition Cindy is a Life Governor of the Royal Women’s Hospital. She received the award of Student Of The Year at the Academy of Hypnotic Science 2013 and recently voted one of the top 25 therapist in the Croydon area, after establishing a successful work from home business. Cindy feels she is living out her passion as a hypnotherapist.

When not assisting others in making change, she is a committed, loving, caring and compassionate parent and grandmother. She has three grown children and 3 grandchildren. Cindy enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to operas, theatre and dances. She exercises by taking nice long walks are enriches her mind and treatment by being committed to studying.

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