Sports Massage

Sports Massage
massage for sports injuries, yarra valley

Sports massage is no longer the domain of professional athletes.  It is now popular amongst weekend warriors to reduce post exercise delayed onset muscle soreness, manage fatigue and improve flexibility.

It can be used before, during or after training or a tournament or event.   A session may include some o more vigorous massage approaches to relieve tension and discomfort and may improve recovery times. A variety of modalities including remedial massage, trigger point therapy, cross fibre technique and other deep tissue work may be included within the session.

Focused Treatment

You may wish to focus on a problem area, such as sore and tight hamstrings and have the entire session devoted to specifically target your concern, or alternatively you can have a more generalised appointment, meeting your needs on the day.

In order to receive maximal benefit from our services, please consider the advice below.

Let us know what your plans are over the next few days following your appointment.  If you have a competition or plan to be doing any heavy training, it is important for us to know this.  This may alter the technique application during your appointment.

Your First Appointment

Don’t book your first appointment right before a race! You wouldn’t break in a new pair of shoes the week of an event, so it’s probably not the best time to schedule your first ever massage session. In this case, we would recommend you make it shortly after the event.

It is important to let us know if you are managing any injuries or currently experiencing any other health concerns.  We can tailor your treatment specifically to meet your current needs.

Our practitioners are experienced treating sportspeople.  We do this in conjunction with orthopedic assessment and common sports injury management. Our massage therapists have access to our Osteopaths if there are any other health concerns that need to be addressed.  If you are in the Yarra Valley for an event, such as the Oxfam 100km race, please book your sports massage ahead of time.