Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage  

Remedial Massage

Our remedial massage therapists have qualifications and training well beyond the industry standard and are available now.  We support clients from the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs and Yarra Valley region.  Remedial Massage is a therapeutic style to assist the body in the recovery of tight and sore muscles, strains, sprains, and bruising. Deep tissue work encourages improved blood and fluid flow.   Movement of swelling and damaged cells support tissue repair. This treatment style may assist the body with scar tissue following injury.

Encourage healing and recovery

Treatment may speed up recovery and encourage more complete healing. It may also be used for lifestyle conditions, such as overuse injury and back pain.  The benefit can be achieved for muscular tension associated with posture, work habits, and sporting pursuits.

A session may involve using a variety of techniques to provide improvement of muscular discomfort and pain.

The massage appointment may include a pre-massage postural assessment to identify areas of tension and a post-treatment reassessment.

We encourage your feedback

During an appointment, tenderness may be felt in the treatment area. We encourage your feedback to pinpoint problem areas and to modify pressure. Remedial work does not set out to relax the patient, rather addresses a problem.

All-round health improvement may be another potential benefit of treatment.  This may include better sleep, boost energy and performance levels as well as increase movement. Remedial style treatment is often used by sportspeople, however can be an effective form of treatment for many more.

Post-treatment recovery

If you are new to massage, it is not uncommon to be tender the day after treatment as your muscles recover. This usually passes within 24 hours. Drink plenty of water post-treatment to encourage a good recovery.

Experienced practitioners with extended knowledge and expertise

Our therapists are all Australian trained and qualified.  Our team maintains ongoing registration with industry-leading professional associations. This is why you can claim private health insurance with our practitioners for remedial massage appointments.  We have onsite on the spot electronic claiming available with the use of our hicaps machine. Don’t wait days any longer for your claim to clear into your bank account.

Combine treatment styles

If you are feeling under stress or an increase of fatigue, you can request to alter your massage type of the day of your session.

For example, you book a remedial session and then develop some swelling, you can change to lymphatic massage instead.

Alternatively, you discover between the time of booking and your appointment that you are pregnant, that is wonderful news.

We can accommodate you and are here to meet your needs.

Please speak to your practitioner, as this helps us to provide you with the care you require.

Remedial massage is the most popular massage style at our clinic, located at the gateway of the Yarra Valley in Chirnside Park.