Want to feel like a superstar? Recharge your battery!

Making the most of the gorgeous day today, I got out at lunchtime for a quick 10-15 minute walk and enjoyed the amazing sunshine.

While this doesn’t make me a superstar, it does make me feel like one!  

There is so much evidence that light is a critical component to our bodies’ healthy function and much more than Vitamin D, which can be overlooked by some in the medical community.

Light has been discussed by philosophers, scientists, and even religion for eons and yet, we are only just touching on the potential positive effects that it has on the human body.

One of the world’s most prestigious modern-day physicists, Mae Wan Hoe wrote about and studied how our body’s DNA emits light in the human body.  Einstein also postulated such ideas.

As an Osteopath, we believe that everything in the body has a purpose (or we would describe as function), and therefore, what is the function of this light?  

It’s a great question and not one I feel confident to answer.

However, it seems to be an important part of our physiology (or body function).

We know that people who do not get enough sunlight are at higher risk of developing SAD, otherwise known as seasonal affective disorder.  

This is thought to occur approximately in 1 in 300 Australians, however may well be much higher and more likely to occur in people living in the southern states.

In effect, this is a depression condition stimulated by our lack of sunlight.

And how is it treated, using lights that emit certain frequencies to help produce specific signals in the body that help it to function normally.

In another book, Energy Medicine by James Oschmann, he discusses some research about how certain areas of the skin absorb more light than others.  

What was particularly interesting, is that these points of increased light transmission correlated to the location of known acupuncture points.

This may help to explain Qi, or the positive impacts that acupuncture appears to have.

Then there are infrared saunas, which have surged in popularity in recent years.

Our body is shown to absorb these light frequencies and this for some people may induce many healthy benefits, such as increased healing time, better mood, or reduced stress.

Now I must say I am a fan of acupuncture, or a sauna (infrared or just the regular sweaty type), but maybe we could just get these same results by spending more time with our skin out absorbing the sun’s rays.

Let’s be clear, I’m not advocating getting sunburnt!

But what I am saying is, by increasing your time outside during this time of the year, can help you in many ways such as:

  • Reduce your risk of developing low Vitamin D over Winter

  • Reduce your risk of SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

  • Potentially improve your mood, help you sleep better at night, or possibly improve your body’s recovery time.

Ways to increase your sunshine as a part of your regular routine, without having to find loads of time:

  • Park your car slightly further away from where you need to go and walk an extra couple of minutes each way

  • Sit and eat your lunch outside

  • Have a work meeting outside on a nice day

  • Walk your dog (or offer to walk the neighbours dog)

  • Take a phone call outside


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