Private Midwifery

Private Midwifery

Offering women and their families choice in regards to birth options, as well as antenatal (pregnancy) and post natal care.

With private midwifery care, you may be able to choose a homebirth and or have additional and personalised support within the hospital setting.  It is about finding the right balance to meet the needs of you and your baby in regards to your pregnancy and respecting your personal choices.

Antenatal Care

During pregnancy, it is normal to have regular appointments with your health care providers and this includes your midwife.  As the pregnancy progresses, you will typically have more appointments to check on the health of you and your growing baby.  It is also an opportunity to ask questions, discuss your needs and potential options regarding birth.

Medicare rebates are available for all antenatal care services and private health insurance rebates also apply in some circumstances.

Labour and Delivery Care

Midwifery care can start within the home and remain there for a home birth.  Alternatively it can begin at home and support you there until labour is well established and then continue at the hospital of your choice.  We will provide you with experienced care to assist you to try for a VBAC  (vaginal birth after caesar) should you chose to do so.

Some medicare and private health insurance rebates may apply.

Postnatal Care

Midwifery care continues into the postnatal period.  Your midwife can support you to the transition to home, provide you with feeding support and advice, settling techniques as well as postnatal debriefing. Juliana has a special interest in supporting women with Postnatal Depression and has the clinical expertise to know when referral to other health professionals is necessary.  They have experience in chatting to women following difficult delivery, as well as when a birth doesn’t go to plan, or is in fact, traumatic.  Some women can carry this into a subsequent pregnancy, so you may in fact find yourself discussing these experiences in the antenatal period.

Calmbirth Classes

Calmbirth classes are available to pregnant women and a support person and are run in small groups over a weekend in the Yarra Valley (however not from the clinic).  If you would like any further information, please click here.

Juliana and Louise are available for consultation on Monday’s from our clinic, however do also practice from other locations.  If you would like to see a private midwife to discuss future, current or previous pregnancy, please get in touch.  When you click here, you will be directed to the Mamatoto Midwives website.