Online Osteopathy Consultation

Online Osteopathy Consultation

Online Osteopathy appointments from the comfort of your own home.

The world of healthcare is changing rapidly and we wish to remain innovative and adaptive to your needs.

We provide online osteopathy appointments at Koru and have done so for a number of years to clients living in regional areas and FIFO workers.

These consultations are sometimes referred to as telehealth or virtual health appointments.

With the use of secure technology video conferencing platforms such as zoom and exercise prescription platforms such as Physitrack, we are able to provide private osteopathy consultations safely and remotely.

These programs work similarly to Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp, but with additional security to meet privacy guidelines.

How does an online osteopathy appointment work?

Online appointments run similarly to a face to face consultation.

Prior to the appointment, we will request you complete paperwork relevant to your health.  This will be easy to complete online, no printing required.

We will send you an email containing a link to join the meeting online. Click on the link at the time of the appointment and the session will begin.

Your session will run for 45-60 minutes for an initial and 30 minutes for a return appointment.

The Osteopath will discuss your current health concerns, what you would like to achieve (goals) and your previous medical history (if it is an initial consultation).  Further information regarding your lifestyle, including exercise, work, hobbies and diet will be considered and discussed.

We can perform an assessment online.  Your practitioner will likely ask you to perform certain movements or activities in front of the camera to determine your range of movement, quality of movement, postural factors and restrictions.

From there, together you will discuss the next best course of action for your complaint, depending on the likely diagnosis of your condition.

This may include further testing.  Your Osteopath can refer you for scanning such as an x-ray or MRI if clinically appropriate.

An exercise program or other at home advice may be prescribed.

Do I need any special equipment?

All you need is a computer / laptop with an inbuilt camera plus an internet connection in order for our session to proceed.  In some instances, some of our clients have successfully used a smart phone or ipad or similar device.  If this is the best option for you, we recommend you use a tripod to secure the device.  If you need to move as a part of your assessment, this will simplify the process.

Can I claim my osteopathy appointment with a third party provider?

Patients with approval from a NDIS or Worksafe case manager can have an online consultation paid for by these providers.  Private health insurance companies are currently reviewing their policies and changes are imminent.  While they are currently not covering these appointments, we have been advised that it is highly likely they will be in the near future.  TAC are currently reviewing their policies and will make a decision shortly regarding funding for these sessions.