WORKSHOP: Stop Relying on Motivation and Willpower 3

Thanks for joining me today.

It’s been an incredible week so far, there has been so many emails going back and forth and it’s really uplifting for me to hear about your experience and answer your questions.

Just a quick recap, in the first video, we talked about common health or wellness goals you have.

Common Goals

  • weight loss
  • get fit
  • improve relationships with significant others
  • eliminate negative self-talk
  • improve body image

It’s great to have a clear goal, but the key lesson from the first video was exploring WHY this is important to you, with meaning.

Get clear on your why

A clear indicator your WHY is getting closer to reflecting your deeper motivation is having an emotional response to it.

If the meaning isn’t making you slightly uncomfortable or invoking an internal feeling, then I ask you to revisit video one.

We then in the second video followed up with discussing the 5 key areas that are essential for health and wellbeing.

5 Keys To Health and Wellbeing

These include:

  • nutrition
  • movement
  • body awareness
  • mindset
  • relationships

It is the balance of these different aspects of our lives that underpins long-term success and developing healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Anyone can do this and from my experience, people just like you can achieve results.

I’m going to let you know that I’m going to do a fourth video where I will talk about how to make this whole process faster and easier.

Visualisation to supercharge success

Now we will explore how visualisation can be used to supercharge your success.

Some people mistakenly believe that visualisation is a bit out there, but in fact, it has been shown to be very scientific.

Athletes use it to imagine winning their competition, or making a certain time.

Even people who have never done a particular activity before, such as throwing darts can increase their performance just with visualisation alone.

So come with me and let’s just take an opportunity to see into our minds eye about what we can create for ourselves, our life and that of the people around us.

Visualisation Exercise

Comfortably sitting or laying down for a moment, let’s close our eyes.

Take a nice slow deep breath in, followed by a slow controlled breath out.

Feel the sensation of the air coming into the nose, down the back of your throat,

down the windpipe

and into the lungs,

feel the expansion of the abdomen

and opening up of the ribs.

Now as you breathe out,

feel the letting go,

or relaxation phase and see if you can release any tension in your body

that will enhance your ability to let go

and reduce tension.

Let’s observe that one more time,

feel the movement,

the space

that is being created

with the breath

and the small movement moving down the arm and down the legs as you breathe in.

As you exhale,

feel the sensation,

the ease created by the movement,

relax the shoulders,

relax the hands,

relax your buttocks,

relax the face.

From here, visualise what it would feel like to achieve balance, peace, and increased wellbeing in your body.

How would it make you feel if you not only achieved your goals but sustained the results over time?

Do you feel any new sensations in your body or images coming into your mind?

Acknowledge whatever appears for you.

Maybe you find it easy to imagine yourself living your happiest,

healthiest life,

surrounded by family

and friends,

doing activities you love

and experiencing deep meaning and purpose in your life.

For some people, this can be a challenge.

Maybe you hesitate,

maybe you see obstacles

or feel a sensation of stress.

If this is you, gently bring your attention back to the breath and thank your body to highlighting this to you.

This is providing you with valuable insight on what you can plan for.

Now if you are comfortable,

continue to explore what your life could be like.

Would you be doing any activities that you don’t do at the moment.

Who is with you and what feelings to do you have seeing this person in your life.

Do you feel a sense of wholeness, of purpose, of deep fulfillment.

Visualise the ripple effects that will occur from you achieving

your healthy balanced life.

You are positively influencing others to get up,

get moving and keep up with you.

Your partner is excited and happy for you

and your relationship.

Their life has been improved by your positive changes

and how does that make you feel?

Do you perceive physical sensations,

or maybe a particular part of your body becomes noticeable for you.

It’s okay if you feel tingling, pulsing, tension, lightness, space, heat or many other possible sensations.

You may experience an emotion, joy, calm, glowing happiness or some other rising feeling.

Whatever is happening for you is okay, just try and stay with the sensation rather than thinking too much about it.

You may find things moving around or changing momentarily.

Whatever is happening for you is okay.

You are safe and sound.

Coming back to the breathing,

feel the opening of inhalation

and the relaxation of exhalation,

then come back into the room,

slowly open your eyes and

I’ll just give you a moment to recalibrate.

Write down what came to you

For some people,

this is a

very emotional experience.

If this is you,

take a moment to stay with the feelings,

the sensations and name them,

consider pausing the video as needed.

In order to make a change in our lives,

We require focus and attention in 3 areas – intention, belief, and action.

Some people are really good at setting clear intentions (some people may interchange the word goal),

we have to believe in whatever we intend and know that we can achieve it.

Then we have to take action in order to bring our visualisation or image to life.

If you take action,

without belief in what you can achieve,

you may be more prone to self-sabotage,

or without intention you may lose sight of what you wanted to achieve in the first place.

You may have a natural tendency or be more skilled in one area than another,

and this is completely normal and absolutely okay.

This can help us to either play to our strengths or identify what we need to improve in order to see results.

Remember it is about finding our own unique balance point, and what is right for one person will be different to the next.

This is absolutely normal and definitely okay.

Now I know I have been talking about visualising your goal and that this is valuable.

So what I am about to say next does not take away from that in any way.

In order to achieve long term, sustainable personal growth and a healthy balanced life,

We will at some point need to focus more on the journey, on the experience of living in a way that is in line with our values and our goals.

It is easy to sustain change

if it is fundamentally in line with what you believe and who you are.

Adopting and embodying healthy habits is where the results are.

Here you find balance, ease and it becomes a part of who you are.

The burden of effort is reduced.

You won’t talk yourself out of it, you won’t make excuses and say I’ll do it tomorrow instead.

In fact, it will be so much of who you are, it happens as if it’s on automatic pilot.

Just like brushing your teeth, or having a shower. You just wouldn’t go without it, it just wouldn’t feel right if you did.

It is at this stage of the journey,

you enjoy the process and routine or the habit,

as much as the result.

The result is less important than the ritual

But the ritual maintains the result.

They are in fact one.

It has been said that “success is the product of daily habits, not a once in a lifetime transformation.”

Now it is worth considering your habits, your daily routine.

Use automatic pilot to your advantage

Do you find yourself on automatic pilot first thing in the morning?

Name the first thing you do when you get out of bed.

Then think about not doing this, maybe it’s making a coffee, having a shower, or brushing your teeth.

Weird thought isn’t it.

It’s ingrained into your behaviour.

Now if the specific habit is not in line with how you want to live moving forward,

such as checking social media or hitting the snooze button 5x before getting out of bed,

then I would encourage you to think about each individual step as closely as you can,

in order to pinpoint the exact moment where you can change your habits and make a new one.

It doesn’t have to be your morning routine that needs to change, maybe it is a different part of your day, it’s just an example.

Direction over Current Results

You should be more concerned with your current trajectory rather than your current results.

If you are moving in the right direction, chances are you will see a positive impact,

However, if you are moving in the opposite direction, the long-term outcome isn’t looking quite so rosy.

We often talk about not having time.

Once we realise that time magnifies the margin between success and failure, we realise that time multiplies whatever we feed it.

If you invest your time and energy wisely, you will amplify your results.

Good habits make time your ally, whereas bad habits make time your foe.

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day and yes our individual responsibilities may differ somewhat.

However, there is a lot that stays the same.

We all must eat and move.

We all think and feel.

We all connect and rely on others in one way or another.

There is a common experience to your struggles as well as the steps towards success.

Breakthrough moments are often the result of intentions, beliefs, and previous actions

These build up momentum towards potential change.

Your commitment to the process,

rather than to the result is where you will experience long-term

sustainable change for the better.

What is one small change you can identify in your daily habit that could build momentum towards your vision?

Now I would like to invite you to message me about today’s session and to hear your comments and valuable feedback.

Make sure you check out the next video where I’m going to outline the specific steps you can take towards making faster,

more effective change so you too achieve lasting results.

See you there.