Silly Season Stress

Has this time of the year got you feeling stressed and anxious??
With endless catchups, functions and deadlines. Holiday planning, gift buying and wrapping. Not to mention the race to the BIG DAY!!

Well here are some simple ways to help reduce the holiday stressors and allow yourself to feel  much better about the up-coming festivities.

Stress Relieving Exercises 

  • Shoulder rolls: an easy way to take a quick break. Sit up in a supported chair, take a few
    s l o w deep breaths and roll your shoulders 3 times forwards and then backwards.
  • Deep Breathing: as you jump into bed after a long day take the time to do a few nice long slow deep breaths to calm yourself. Breath in through your nose for a count of 3 and then out your mouth for a count of 5. Make sure the breath moves all the way into your tummy, placing your hands on your belly may make this easier.
  • Exercise: no matter the type of exercise keep it up. Weather it be walking, swimming, gym or a casual dance around the living room. Make sure you don’t let the busy season cut into your exercise resume. This time of year is when you need it the most. Moving your body will help relieve tension and is great for your mental health by releasing endorphins, our ‘happy’ hormone!
  • Sleep: it’s at the busiest times that we need it the most. So try get your 8 hours. If your are having trouble getting to sleep try the deep breathing, STOP scrolling and download an app like sleep stories or rain to help your mind rest.
  • Water: Keep up your fluids… its hot and we all know you had a few too many wines last night 😉
  • Laugh: don’t forget to have some fun!

We hope that these tips will help you get the most out of the silly season.

Have a safe and very Merry Christmas from the team at Koru Natural Therapies.

Thanks Jaci and Bianca for all your efforts to put this together – Prue x

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