Are you tired of experiencing pain associated with headache or migraine?  Concerned about how much pain relief medication you are taking to control them?

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Osteopathy is a hands-on therapeutic approach, commonly used to alleviate the pain and stress associated with numerous types of headache.  A headache originating from a neck complaint is the most common type of headache.

The osteopath may assist with cervicogenic (neck), tension headaches and migraine.  Treatment aims to improve the quality of movement in the neck, reduce muscular tension, decrease pain, optimize blood flow and reduce irritation of nerves.  Our osteopaths have experience treating people suffering with headache and regularly provide advice on posture, exercises, dietary factors and stress management techniques that may be of assistance.  By reducing the frequency and severity of pain, less pain relief should be required over time.

There are more serious causes of headache and having them assessed and the cause diagnosed by a qualified health practitioner is important.  Osteopaths are university trained, registered primary health care practitioners, able to differentiate between common causes and serious medical concerns.  We may work in conjunction with or refer to other health care practitioners such as a GP, optometrist or acupuncturist to provide optimal care.

Dr Jaci Hartley and Dr Josie Chambers (Osteopaths) both have a special interest in headaches and migraine and are available for an appointment on Monday – Saturday.