Babies and Children


Osteopathy for babies

A developing baby can be influenced by intrauterine pressures, descent into the pelvis, difficult or extended labour and birth trauma.

Our aim is to help your baby grow and develop into a healthy child and ultimately a healthy adult.

We as osteopaths are very interested in ongoing research in this area and our clinic would like to be involved in research projects in the future.  Additionally we provide mentoring to osteopathic students, in order to enhance the quality of graduating practitioners.

Osteopathy for children

Developing bodies have their own individual health needs that may be assisted with osteopathic care.  Most children have many knocks and falls, which is a normal part of learning new skills.  This normal process can at times lead to strain and sprains in their bodies, which may benefit from treatment.

The osteopath may advise on appropriate exercises, lifestyle and general health matters.