Neuro-lingusitic Programming

unknown-3It sounds scary! Yet it is what you have known all your life – patterns of the way you do things but perhaps just not really taken notice how you do things. It is encoding/decoding or the way we store and perceive or do things which are stored within our mind.

You know exactly how you get out of bed. For example. How I do the pattern of waking…… I wake as soon as it is morning, I look at the clock, if it is too early, I tell myself it’s ok I can have more sleep and go back to sleep for that time then wake and jump out of bed, open the curtains, make my bed, then start my day. This is a pattern it is routine, it is a habit, it is a part of my life. There is a pattern to everything we do. NLP assists in learning how you do things.

We have beliefs. Like believing in Santa. Some beliefs become problematic, NLP is effective for changing those beliefs.

Cindy has completed an undergraduate degree in NLP at Consultant level. This is a higher level than a practitioner or a trainer it is a consultant level In new code NLP. It is using non-invasive strategies which focuses on patterns, whereby the therapist can work with content or not have to work with content yet are able to guide you to achieve the change you want using the appropriate strategy. Imagine changing chocolate to Brussel sprouts…this is something that can be done through the use of NLP strategies.

There is no hocus-pocus about it.

Our representation systems, there are many different states we use at many times of the day and night. We decode information in our brain in specific ways that are true to self.

So for instance when you are a person who needs to see something if you saw a therapist who only kept saying things like how are you feeling. You would not relate well nor would the therapy work as effective as they are not addressing your representation system. Whereas, if they said so how do you see this or picture what is going on for you? You would be able to associate with it.

Are you a through time or in time person…Yes this sounds strange, however, this also is something you do. You either go through the day without a care of time and possibly also experience depression. A night owl or a mudlark? Those who like to go to bed late sleep and like to stay in bed are more likely to be depressed compared to a mudlark who likes to get up early and get the worm.

As an NLP consultant, I assist you to reframe situations, change beliefs which don’t work for you any longer. Create a desired you. Learn how to explore what it is you want and why you want that, create anchors, change timelines, eliminate fears and change habits which are no longer

effective for you. You can learn exactly how you do patterns in your life and change them to be patterns which will assist you. Work on model operators and what limits self. Your map is not your territory. Shift unhelpful states.

Do you know someone who only sees things their way so, in other words, their way or the highway, that comes from their model operators? Perhaps they will say things like oh you should… would learn to challenge them back by asking who says I should…Learning how to change things to benefit self. How to shift focus. Change the patterns of the way one thinks and behaves. Learn the power of your mind and how it can create anything you want it to and believe it. Learn how to challenge self. Learn how to elicit positive states. NASA games, yes that is right, teach you what the astronauts learn, learn how to find something which is important to you. Learn how to model behaviours you do want. In the Journey of new life package – pregnancy package the clients learn about anchors, and the effect of words and to change state and disassociate from pain.

NLP strategies are good for anything you wish to change be that personal or in a work/business situation to shift patterns.

When you see Cindy-Lee Waite she may use a mixture of NLP, Art Strategies, Hypnotherapy or individual strategies.