Ear candling


Ear candling involves inserting a lighted hollow candle made from fabric coated beeswax into the ear.  This creates a vacuum in the ear canal, drawing out excessive earwax, moisture and other minor impurities which may be present.  Potential benefits of ear candling may include relieving a build-up of wax, the sense of fluid in the ears, ringing, sinus congestion, itchy ears and helping to unplug ears (often following illness).  Others have reported experiencing a relaxing and soothing effect of the mind and body following a session.

Risks involved with ear candling include minor burns, which is why it is important to not attempt ear candling alone and to use the assistance of a practitioner.

It is important to advise the practitioner of any other health concerns or if you have had a recent eardrum rupture, cysts, cochlear implant, mastoiditis (an infection of the bone directly behind the ear) or grommets (tubes) inserted into the ears, as it may not be an appropriate procedure for you.

Tracey Enright or Christine Ferris can assist you with an ear candling appointment.  Sessions usually last 45 minutes.