Seriously need more sleep?

imagesFor some! This will sound like a wish come true….just to have some SLEEP…

You may have heard someone say I slept like a baby, well babies spend around 50% of sleep time in REM and premature babies spend even more time in REM sleep. Whereas an adult spends 20% in REM state so unless the person has reverted back to a baby. This is not really the case, next time you hear someone say this smile…as you know they are not babies yet obviously felt as though they had a great sleep.

Just to give you a brief understanding of the sleep patterns….Non REM and REM and the four Brain waves during sleep states.

This is an area I can certainly talk about, as a hypnotherapist I watch what is taking place with your eyes….it guides me to know where you are in the sleep process, I welcome watching the eyes go from darting backwards and forward to quite. You see dreams happen in the REM cycle…

So how do you know the stage of sleep… Well, there are three stages of non REM sleep…it has a job to do…It is responsible for assisting your body to repair, strengthen, the building of muscle, our bodies immunity is working to strengthen and ward off illness, our bones build.

Stage 1. This is where you have closed your eyes but it is easy to wake. It could take anywhere from 5-10 mins. Stage 2. You are in the next stage now, this is where you may experience your body temp drop, your heart rate slow, it’s your body preparing to go into a deep sleep. Stage 3. This is the deep sleep stage it is harder to wake you during this stage. It’s where if you are woken without being ready – startled you may feel a little disorientated. You move into a deep sleep called REM It can take up to 90 minutes for REM to take place after you have drifted to sleep. During REM is when you are likely to dream as the brain is actively involved at this stage. There are stages of REM whereby it starts off around 10 minutes then becomes greater all the way to the deep sleep state where it could last up to one hour.

This brings me to talk about the brain waves

There are four types of brain waves during sleep…Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Beta is when you are fully awake, its the time you most likely stress, worry, have anger or fear and anxiety, it is also present during times where you are depressed, hungry, overtired, irritable, its when you could find oneself having negative self-talk even self-sabotage. It’s the conscious part of self. When one spends too much time in it, it is likely the immune system will become weakened.

Alpha I personally welcome seeing this state happen for clients as it shows the client has become relaxed. It is when a person is able to truly focus without all that other stuff taking away from it. It is the time where we can be creative, memorize and learn, it is when the mind is quietening down. This is the state a hypnotherapist can guide you so you can eliminate your fears, habits and phobias, anxiety, depression, increase confidence. In this state, the client will be at peace, feel a sensation of happiness and content. It is the subconscious mind.

unknown-1The hypnotherapist will deepen this state to a Theta state, where you have gone into a deeper relaxed state some say meditation a state where you are nearly at your deepest sleep, I say a trance state yet not a deepened trance. It is the state where sleep will be deep. This state gives access to those deep deep-seated memories it is more open and dreamlike. This is where a hypnotherapist will be using guided imagery, visualisation, suggestion, utilisation, other therapies to assist in change. The client may have a sensation of dreaming or floating, deeply relaxed…

The next type is Delta. This is where the client will be in the deepest trance state, it is where it is a dreamless sleep. A deep unconscious state. This state is where the hypnotherapist will guide the client to heal and can use many different therapies like CBT, Gestalt, REBT, Reality, Resource, NLP Strategies, ACT and more. Therefore: If you are unable to sleep. Hypnotherapy can certainly assist you. If you are constantly in your head. Hypnotherapy can help you get out of your head. If you have all your thoughts flood in before you attempt to sleep Hypnotherapy can help you.

If you snore, one fun fact is often when people put weight on so to does the tongue. Reduce some weight, cut down alcohol before bed, quit smoking, don’t go to bed on a full belly, sleep on  your side can all assist to reduce and even stop snoring. Hypnotherapy can help in these areas if there is not a medical reason for the snoring.

Perhaps you are experiencing a marriage break up or problems at work and all you do is think about it before you finally drift to sleep, then wake during the night with thoughts and stress and not go back to sleep. Hypnotherapy can help with this.

unknown-2In research, it has been found that those who are known as night owls – the people who stay up late and get up late, are more likely to experience depression. We will soon release another post on  tips to assist a night owl to develop better sleep patterns. 

If you have anything which is stopping you from sleep, contact Cindy and make a booking to change it. 0411 032 023.

Author: Cindy-Lee Waite


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