Dr. Jaci Hartley

Dr Jaci Hartley, OsteopathDr Jaci Hartley completed a 5 year double degree in Osteopathy graduating from RMIT University (Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science).


She has had 8 years of hands on experience as a Remedial Massage therapist, graduating in 2011 from the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy.


Jaci’s interest in Osteopathy was sparked when she had complications after dental work and a whiplash injury leaving her with lots of jaw pain and headaches. She found she had the best results from osteopathic treatment, and was inspired to learn more and help others. She still holds that special interest in jaw dysfunctions and headaches.


Having grown up in the area Jaci has worked with local sports teams applying her skills in both Osteopathy & Remedial Massage. She has acquired a position as the head of injury management for both the Senior and Reserve players for a local football team.


For several years, Jaci was the Lead Anatomy demonstrator at RMIT, she also had the privilege to work behind the scenes in the Anatomy Labs, which she enjoyed thoroughly as she believes education is imperative and has great ambitions to keep all ages educated about health.


In our clinic Jaci works holistically to achieve long lasting outcomes for her patients. She incorporates both a structural and an indirect approach towards injuries including the management of exercises. She loves to help with cranial issues and pregnancies. In the future she would like to expand into the treatment of young children.

When Jaci isn’t studying or working she loves to get outdoors, and you will regularly find her enjoying the beach and bush down at Mornington Peninsula. She is a passionate yogi and meditator. Her latest ambition is to one day be able to ride her bicycle to work (no small feat!)


Further education since graduating from University includes – Fundamentals in Cranial Osteopathy, Balance Ligamentous Tension, Perinatal Period: Immediately Before & After Birth, Post natal Workshop – SCTF

Rule of the artery 1 – ARCOM

Dry needling Level 1 – Manual Medicine