Dr. Kirstin Guy

unknownKirstin completed her degree in Human Movement Science in 2001, and after working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer she knew she wanted to expand her knowledge to be able to help people more. So she returned to University to study Osteopathy, completing her degree at RMIT in 2007.

Since then she has worked in clinics throughout Melbourne which has enabled her to use all Osteopathic techniques and to treat a diverse range of people suffering from back pain and neck pain, sports injuries, migraines, and also providing pre and post natal care. Her interest in using the more gentle indirect techniques of Osteopathy saw her complete postgraduate training in Cranial Osteopathy and Paediatrics with the SCTF (Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation), and Biodynamic Osteopathy courses for the treatment of children and adults. Doing these courses has given Kirstin a greater appreciation and respect for the health in people and the body’s ability to heal, making the quote by AT Still (the American medical doctor who founded Osteopathy in 1874) one of her many favourites “We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole…”

Kirstin has also completed Pilates training with Polestar Pilates and APMA, and she enjoys being able to combine her knowledge of Osteopathy and exercise prescription to help people understand their health, their body, and how it can move.